Sydney: The Rocks Markets + Friday Foodie Market

We have already had a couple of heatwaves in Sydney this spring and we are prepping ourselves for what the actual summer months will bring with these three simple things…

It’s great to see Streets Ice Cream cooling down their price on their classic Cornetto ice cream cones of vanilla and chocolate as well as introducing their new flavour Cornetto Strawberry Choc… Nom! Anyone got some loose change?

To protect our digital cargo, the new stm atlas iPhone cases offers stylish protection with a slim wallet case with textured fabric cover. Available in denim, charcoal or red, the designs are unisex and simplistic, effortlessly matched with casual summer wear. The case can also conveniently fold into a stand for viewing as most cases these days. The two tiny sucking cups to close the screen cover are however a bit different to what we have seen before compared to magnetic clips. While they are super convenient, we are keen to see if they will continue to keep things together after some wear and tear this hot season.

We are also scrubbing up with Frank Body Original Body Scrub – it’s like a strong coffee to revive your skin! The blend of natural ingredients such as roasted and ground robusta coffee stimulates blood flow and targets pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, and psoriasis. Cold pressed sweet almond oil hydrates and nourishes the skin plus reduces the appearance of pigmentation. Vitamin E is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory while sea salt is a natural antiseptic which will help scrub away dry and flaky skin. We are also pleased to see Frank Body supporting charity towards a minimum of $10,000 of clean water to a community in need with their $1 per #selfie in their #getdirtyforcleanwater campaign.

And ooh, if anyone wondering about our editor’s sunglasses, they date back to Sweden circa 1995…!

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