Local hotspots Brooklyn, NYC

This being my 15th trip since I was a child visiting New York, but my first time travelling with friends. I’m usually a lone traveller, likening the experience to the first day of school; the fact that you can be anyone you want to be has always excited me. However, on this trip, I made a consummate effort to share my travelling experiences with friends from back home and to go off Manhattan Island for a trip to the outer boroughs of NYC.

On our second day in The Big Apple, my companions wanted to head to Brooklyn after hearing it was similar to Surry Hills in Sydney, so we hopped on the L to a suburb of Brooklyn called Dumbo.

This place is amazing. Dumbo is what Chippendale is trying to duplicate: old warehouses and churches turned into galleries, cafes and bars.

Not even five minutes off the subway, we had found a cool stationary / furniture store called Modern Anthology, where I picked up the small journal in which I wrote this article. The store sells furniture, old animal bones and unique stationary, pretty much everything a guy may want to fill his bachelor pad or man cave with. For a fee, they will even help you design your newly bought brownstone or apartment. At this point, we were all in desperate need of some coffee after the previous night’s adventures during Vogue’s fashion night out during NYFW, so we asked the store owner where we could get a good coffee and he pointed us across the road.

Baco Café was one of my favourite places that day; the vibe of this place is very chilled out, from the bar with the hole in the wall Italian café feel, to the comfy couches in the back. But it was their toilet that took the cake, resembling something from a five-star hotel bathroom with black mosaics, branded hand towels and designer hand wash.










Another place to check out in Dumbo is the Powerhouse Bookstore, which caters for cravings for those unusual books that you can never find at Borders. You should also visit the studio of Australian artist Anthony Lister, who has made quite an impact across Brooklyn, with his Graffiti art, anti or twisted superhero paintings.

Our next stop was a ten minute cab ride from Dumbo and home to the neo-hipster crowd of New York – the main strip of Bedford Avenue. By now, we were in need of morning tea and stopped at the infamous Bagel Store, which has an amazing cartoon mural on the outside and serves as a sort of beacon/welcome mat to Williamsburg. This store, however, is best known for its variety of bagels and it didn’t disappoint. There was every type you may think of, from blueberry right through to Bircher muesli.

Heading down the main street in Williamsburg is like walking down Sydney’s Crown Street, except everyone has an American accent. From the vintage shops like Beacon’s closet where I bought a wicked horse hair belt and two vintage tees for $35.00, to the bookshop we stopped at Spoonbill & Sugartown, where you get a free beer with every book purchase that day. The store itself is a smorgasbord of vintage books, magazines, and dictionaries where you can spend a good hour or two, thumbing through their collection.

After some shopping on Bedford, we moved down the street to McCarren Park, where we enjoyed a hotdog, and a soda, while watching a corporate softball game for an hour or so.

It was nearing that time in the afternoon where we were ready for refreshments. Making our way back up Bedford, we had a huge amount of bars to choose from, but asking the bookstore owner earlier in the day where would be good to eat as well, we took his suggestion to visit Juliette’s. We arrived taking the side staircase up to their rooftop bar, which was deserted except of course for the bartender, perfect. We ordered jugs of Sangria, which put any other I ever had previously to shame. We also ordered their shrimp basket, salad, and grilled salmon.

The day was perfect, except for one out-of-towner, who spoke just loud enough so everyone could hear her complain of how bad the service was, it was more entertainment than nuisance. So if you are ever in New York during their warmer seasons, make that effort to go across the bridge, off the island, to visit Brooklyn, it may be hipster central, and if some of them were any cooler they would freeze. Generally speaking, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to let you in on their secret bars and cafes frequented only by the locals.


The Sustainable Guide: Intimates

People are starting to adopt a more conscious approach to daily life, especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Quality, design and price are still extremely important influencing factors, but as sustainability has become high on the populist agenda, we’re becoming much more inclined to make ethical purchasing decisions. Responding to this demand, there are some great brands that have incorporated a conscious approach to developing their products, and more than ever, there is less of a need to compromise between style and being sustainable, even when you’re sleeping. Here are my favourite picks when it comes to intimate sleepwear:



ALAS ladies have taken a holistic approach to socially and ecologically sustainable fashion design. Each garment is made from 100% certified Fairtrade organic cotton, all packaging including swing tags and business cards are recyclable and they spend a considerable amount of time researching the latest techniques within sustainable production.

“We spend at least a third of our lives sleeping so you might as well do it in styleand comfort.” – Betony Dirks, Co-Founder, ALAS.

The award-winning label has just released its newest collection designed exclusively for ASOS entitled, ‘Awaken, Explorers’ which carries the bold, patterned design, characteristic of this duo; who turn to record covers from the sixties, wallpaper from the twenties and the cosmos for their design inspiration, into a series of popular Onesies.

Inamo Restaurant Bar London, high-tech interiors

As you probably noticed, we are a bit of geek freaks and love funky interior. To combine the best of two worlds, well four including food and drinks, I can personally not wait for our next London visit to check out the Oriental fusion Inamo Restaurant and Bar!

This is said to be a pioneering dining experience where the guests control the mood and order via interactive touchscreen dining tables. An overhead projector and a mouse track pad is said to turn your dining surface into a monitor where you can customise your own virtual tablecloth. Play video games with your companion while waiting for your order and even book a taxi home after a few glasses too many.

When you browse the interactive Inamo restaurant menu, each dish is projected on your place setting and you can even watch the chefs at work in the kitchen via a live webcam feed. Hopefully no need to get annoyed if you don’t get the waiter’s attention when you are dying for your next drink or dessert as the concept evolved from the simple idea of “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just hit a button and a waiter brought you another beer?” Kampai! [that’s Japanese for cheers]

Photo gallery of Inamo Resturant and Bar in London

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MBFWB: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin SS 2016


Recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2016 featured a tremendous field of boutique fashion labels that set high standards in their collections. The week highlighted German as well as international designers, from various backgrounds and walks of life. Being a cradle for creativity and inspiration, Berlin is like a cooking pot for unique fashion recipes. Berlin Fashion Week is a real feast for hungry fashionistas.


The mix does it! From niche to well-established brands, from edgy to elegant, everyone here is well respected and deserves attention. Berlin Fashion Week has matured over the years to a friendly, welcoming and colourful event… and we love that. Coming to Berlin during Fashion Week is a must for buyers, media and fashionistas alike as other great fashion trade events are running during the same week. It can be hard to keep up with the abundance of options with events however not to be missed events include Premium, Green Showroom, Ethical Fashion, Panorama and Africa Fashion Day.


On a tight schedule, I chased the catwalks, designers and after show parties. Here is a selection of some of many highlights from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin SS2016:

Lena Hoschek
Inspired from the landscape and flora in the Provence in south of France, the Lena Hoschek SS2016 collection features colourful floral patterns on romantic and bohemian-chic dresses. The patterns are based on vintage fabrics from 1850. With a strong and clear brand philosophy, the designer keeps her promise by creating dainty and charming ensemble that women just adore.Also knows for her great attention to detail, Lena Hoschek collaborated with accessories brands that matched her collection perfectly, creating exquisite summer outfits.

Marc Cain
Marc Cain SS 2016 collection entitled Future Romance, is inspired by the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock. The wonderful show was set in scenery resembling an enchanted forest, where models jumped out of the woods. The collection featured colorful outfits in jungle themes with botanical and fish scale patterns as well as clean light fabrics in white, black and eggshell. The collection focused on romantic looks using laces, crochet, embroideries and pearls.

Esther Perbandt
An event as exciting as the collection itself. As a prelude to the show, two opera singers captivated the audience attention. The collection is predominantly set in three ranges: black, eggshell and a combination of both with shades of grey. Esther Perbandt is an authentic Berlin label with a strong brand philosophy.

Androgynous timeless designs with a perfect blend of sex appeal and refined tailoring. Esther Perbandt creates edgy designs that remain wearable, a true talent. Floating outfits in light fabrics and sheers reveal skin with elegance. Meticulous detailing such as Graphite stripes on sheers, open shoulders and weaving technique similar to intrecciato are seen throughout the collection.

The men’s also collection sets new standards for those capable to look over the fence – an Esther Perbandt outfit is a must in every fashion conscious men’s wardrobe.

Guido Maria Kretschmer 
The SS2016 collection from German designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, entitled Bon Voyageis inspired by wanderlust: a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. A subtle colour palette of soft pink, eggshell, white, blue, gold and yellow revealed on clean feminine lines evoke a warm summer ocean breeze. Tassels, sparkling pyrite crystals and buttons as well as delicate flower applications are the highlights of this

Augustin Teboul
The SS2016 collection from designers Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul is inspired by a tropical storm. The signature colour black remains the core of the brand, however this time with added white embroideries and Swarovski Crystals. Like tattoos, Geometrical forms in symmetrical designs reveal white floral patterns. A small yet exquisite collection presented in Galerie Judin together with twelve black and white photographs shot by Ellen von Unwerth.

Guest Contributor: Djaafar El Ghazi
Djaafar El Ghazi, a former architect, founded his self-titled lifestyle accessories brand Djaafar in 2007. Having lived in Berlin and Sydney, he currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Emily Burns Painter Photographer

We stumbled upon the beautiful artwork of NY-based Emily Burns a while ago and decided to welcome her on board as guest blogger in August. Here’s your chance to ask her some of your own questions and enjoy her paintings as well as photos – sometimes we have trouble distinguish the two!

Name: Emily Burns

Profession: Painter/Photographer

Location: New York City, USA

I love the outdoors, and my horses and my dog, driving, helping others, music and art. I also love food, obviously.







I get my inspirations from:
I am inspired by people and the world around me. I love trying to new things or going to new places. I like getting into trouble. You never know what is going to inspire you, so try it all. I always carry my camera, as heavy as it is, because you never know what is going to happen!

Oil paintings by Emily Burns:

How I got my break:
Good friends and by keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities around me. And by hanging out with creative people. There is so much you can get involved in if you are paying attention.

My top tricks of the trade:
Surround yourself with positive people, work hard, and work more! This unfortunately means less sleep. But in this kind of industry, there is no one pushing you. You have to be your own boss, and not a very nice one. Don’t be hard on yourself; just know that you can achieve a lot if you really put your mind to it. When people critique you, take their advice with a grain of salt. You can’t please everyone, and if you try you will eventually burn yourself out and ultimately be unhappy with your work. Do what you love and what you find interesting and other people will agree!

My style in a sentence:
I love classic and comfortable. And hippie. My favorite outfit is a simple patterned dress and leather sandals. I am also totally obsessed with a new tie-dyed sundress I just bought…

Bet you didn’t know: 
I used to box in college… it was a killer workout and helped me let off some steam. I had to quit because I was too tired to paint… I couldn’t hold my arms up.

My latest project is about: 
The human body as a vessel and how it relates to its surroundings. I am interested in the way the body is a tangible object, and how it is physically shaped and changed by its environment over time.

My last purchase:
Sri Lankan food and Guinness. An excellent combination. Oh, and a tie-dyed sundress.

My current favorite mecho item: 
Magic inspiration from Africa including the gorgeous SOKO, Choolips, MADE, and ASOS lines inspired by the beautiful fabrics of Africa. I love the relaxed styles and colorful patterns. The labels’ support for Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique are a huge plus and the landscape photography is spectacular.

Sydney: The Rocks Markets + Friday Foodie Market

We have already had a couple of heatwaves in Sydney this spring and we are prepping ourselves for what the actual summer months will bring with these three simple things…

It’s great to see Streets Ice Cream cooling down their price on their classic Cornetto ice cream cones of vanilla and chocolate as well as introducing their new flavour Cornetto Strawberry Choc… Nom! Anyone got some loose change?

To protect our digital cargo, the new stm atlas iPhone cases offers stylish protection with a slim wallet case with textured fabric cover. Available in denim, charcoal or red, the designs are unisex and simplistic, effortlessly matched with casual summer wear. The case can also conveniently fold into a stand for viewing as most cases these days. The two tiny sucking cups to close the screen cover are however a bit different to what we have seen before compared to magnetic clips. While they are super convenient, we are keen to see if they will continue to keep things together after some wear and tear this hot season.

We are also scrubbing up with Frank Body Original Body Scrub – it’s like a strong coffee to revive your skin! The blend of natural ingredients such as roasted and ground robusta coffee stimulates blood flow and targets pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, and psoriasis. Cold pressed sweet almond oil hydrates and nourishes the skin plus reduces the appearance of pigmentation. Vitamin E is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory while sea salt is a natural antiseptic which will help scrub away dry and flaky skin. We are also pleased to see Frank Body supporting charity towards a minimum of $10,000 of clean water to a community in need with their $1 per #selfie in their #getdirtyforcleanwater campaign.

And ooh, if anyone wondering about our editor’s sunglasses, they date back to Sweden circa 1995…!


With A Conscience

We like to be different – We like to support individual designers. Designers with a good cause behind them, Designers who do it for the love.

One Of A Kind

Jewellery that is not mass produced, jewellery that stands out.
With our M–One Of a Kind Collection we hope to inspire you to be individual. Every piece is unique and only made once.

Bespoke Service

Jewellery just made for you! At M Studio we love to make your special outfit even more special. Our stylist will help you matching colour and style. Each jewellery piece is crafted to fit your personality and style. We understand that when it comes to beauty, one size does not fit all. Please email us at style@m-studio.com.au for further information

Bridal Affair

You’ve spent countless hours planning all the little details of your special day – the perfect dress, the caterers, the reception hall.  Let us help you select the perfect bridal jewellery to enhance your wedding ensemble. Are you trying to coordinate your jewellery with a certain wedding theme? Is your style more eclectic and you’re looking for something more daring and unusual? Our stylist is happy to answer all your questions. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation on 02 9960 5833.


Ask our Stylist

Are you interested in updating your look? Do you need help accessorizing an outfit? Our jewellery stylist will assist you in every aspect of the design process including selecting colors that best complement your style and personality and determining which jewellery designs most suit your individual tastes. Fashion trends come and go, but in the end, everybody has her own style. When we create for you, we make even the most seen-everywhere trend uniquely yours.

Colour Matching

Many of our designs, seen on the webiste or in the studio, can be adapted to complement your outfit. The studio is a creative playground for jewellery connoisseurs, where we make your dream jewellery item a reality. Through careful consultation, M-Studio caters to your every request to ensure our jewellery creations embody your individuality and reveal your inner beauty. Our emphasis is on providing exceptional value and a cherished keepsake that will make you feel treasured, empowered and inspired. The foundation of our company is based upon our core values: passion, quality and serving the community.

Make an appointment

Define your unique personal style – start your visit with an interactive style consultancy and get a taste of celebrity glamour with our bespoke design service.
Call us now on 02 9960 5833 to make your complimentary appointment.

Email your request with a picture of your outfit

Are you trying to coordinate your jewellery with a certain outfit?
Our stylist is happy to help you create the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your outfit. If you can imagine it – we can create it! Just email us your idea with a picture of the outfit to info@m-studio.com.au

M Signature Range – one of a kind

Sony Cyber-shot T77 and T700

Firstly, let’s ignore the geeky and technical names Sony tend to put on their models of digital cameras… The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77 and DSC-T700 are sexy. Sony claims the T77 is world’s slimmest digital camera at just 15mm at its thickest point.

Apart from its super model looks it also brainy features like 10 megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom, Carl Zeiss lens, ISO up to 3,200, image stabilisation, face detection, eleven scene modes and a large 3-inch touch screen to boot. Clever new features include smile detection and anti-blink function that snaps two successive shots if it notices anyone dozing during the capture. In camera retouch allows you to enhance your pictures on the go with editing functions such as trimming, red eye correction and super cool fisheye lens effect.

The higher spec model, Sony T700 Cyber-shot has extra features including 3.5″ touch screen LCD, photo book album function plus 4GB internal memory. Available in colourful shades such as silver, brown, green, pink, black, red, champagne gold, pink and dark grey.

Win double pass tickets to Future Music Festival

Thanks to our friends at Future Music Festival 2009 (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide) we have THREE double passes to giveaway! You can be one of the lucky people to bring a friend to the Future Music Festival 2009 in your local city. Each double pass is valued at $260.

How to enter

1. Simply sign up to mecho e-newsletter and tell us who YOU think is the most stylish music artist in the world and why in the suggestions/comments box (in max 25 words or less)


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Don’t forget to include your current mailing address and contact number. Full terms and conditions

Hurry, entries close Wednesday 4pm 25th February!

Australia’s most popular electronic celebration, the Future Music Festival is blasting off in its 4th year to set the benchmark on how a dance festival should be done. It’s an institution which draws music fans from different walks in life, all there for one reason – for the love of live music.

Future Music Festival 2009 Line Up

Featuring the world’s most electrifying electronic artists including;

Basement Jaxx LIVE
N*E*R*D feat Pharrell Williams LIVE
Paul Oakenfold
Etienne De Crecy LIVE
Grandmaster Flash*
Mr Oizo
The Herd*** plus many more!

Pharrell Williams, frontman of dynamic trio N*E*R*D, will head line on the main stage. The epitome of pop culture and youth icon, Pharrell’s one of the world’s most watched stylemakers – a setter of trends, a creator of fashion. He is the boy who transcended from being a BMX-riding-hip-hopper with credible street style straight through to being voted Esquire’s “Best Dressed Man in the World”.

Pharrell started his own clothing apparel BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) and shoe brand Ice Cream. He created the Ice Cream skateboard team, and worked with Skateboard icon Tony Hawk to encourage inner city youth to participate in the X-Games competitions. He is the face of the Louis Vuitton ad campaign, as part of N*E*R*D designed for H&M, great friends with Marc Jacobs and always caught sitting front row at international fashion shows such as Gucci, Zac Posen, Armani, LV and Marc Jacobs.