Bouquet Designer on Mecho

Bouquet Designer
(Perth, Australia)

Laura provides something different designs for your Wedding day bouquets. She has her existing collection of Artificial Bouquets, Brooch Bouquets, Button Bouquets, and her range of accessories to create custom designs suitable for you. She prides herself on using only the highest quality products in her work and strive to create beautiful, contemporary or traditional pieces of art to compliment any bride on her special day, leaving her with a stunning keep sake that will last as long as the memories.

All of her bouquets are artificial making them perfect for anyone with allergies or for transporting over seas for a destination wedding. They can also be purchased ahead of time and you can store them in a box so that they will arrive in until your big day.

All bouquets are custom made to order and are available in multiple colour choices and sizes. Changes can be made to your chosen bouquet upon ordering.

Singers on Mecho

Jiwan Kshetri
(Melbourne, Australia)

Jiwan is an emerging star who has got a soulful voice. He was born in Nepal and now settling down in Australia in search of opportunities in his singing career. He has performed in many concerts in Nepal and won the hearts of his audience. Here, in Australia, he performs in small functions and continues to keep up his voice.

He is looking for an opportunity where he can introduce himself to his followers as a Rockstar. He is passionate about revolutionary songs that can eliminate the negative aspects prevailing in our society.

He has written few songs and love to compose music for himself. The melody of his songs is familiar to Nepalese Classical songs. However, he has composed few English songs giving them his own melody.

Painters on Mecho

Aambrosiya Ido
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Born in 1989, Amrit has been painting from the age of 12. This innate passion continued to develop throughout his formative years, when in 2003 he received a 1 year scholarship to attend Atom Model HIgher Secondary School as a Special Arts Student. After finishing this course, he attended Oxford Academy for formal training where he studied anatomical drawing, life drawing and print making. He exhibited his work at Oxford Academy in 2008. During 2003 to 2008 he had a small studio in his house, selling most of the work he produced during that time.

When you paint your picture, you realize your worth

From 2008 to 2010 he worked in Kathmandu, then travelled throughout Western Nepal painting, and developing an appreciation for the Nepalese landscape. This has resulted in the development of a style of painting that breaks from the traditional approach, where a scene is reproduced, to one where the feeling and essence of the landscape is captured.

From 2010 onwards, he travelled throughout the countryside, working and painting in different villages and cities. This period saw him move away from the predominantly landscape subject matter, and move toward human and wildlife studies. Amrit’s style of painting also explored impressionistic, realism and more abstractionist styles during this time.

Later, he had four successful private shows in Kathmandu representing the work that had been produced during his time in the countryside. He settled down in Kathmandu in 2017 where now he paints full-time.

His style of painting has been described as eclectic in the past, but current work has settled into more of a crossover between impressionism and abstractionism. Amrit describes his work as ‘Essence’, where he explores the inspiration and fundamental ideas he draws from the subject matter. His landscape subjects become a relationship between the animate and inanimate, where the two co-exist, forming and shaping each other. Moreover, the colours used are more expressive of what he feels and how he interprets those feelings.

Photographers on Mecho

Saskia Mulder
(Northern Beaches, Sydney)

Saskia is a multimedia artist with interests in photography, graphic & web design, digital art and installations. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at University of NSW in 1993, majoring in Australian/Aboriginal studies and modern European history, and has also completed certificate courses in multimedia, Dreamweaver MX and information technology network administration. Saskia has also designed and produced a range of candle art titled ‘Wax Babes’ featuring old fashioned vogue-style pin-up girls on the candles.

Saskia grew up in West Africa and travels back there frequently, where she finds inspiration for her work that often reflects the great divide between underdeveloped countries and the western world. She also likes to incorporate politically motivated messages in her art and explore the contrast between industrial versus organic.

Saskia has been involved with Manly CollectiV, a group of Manly based artists dedicated to bringing the work of artists in a new way into the community. The CollectiV’s first major project was the transformation of the Manly Arts Gallery frontcourt in 2002 during the Manly Arts Festival (Illuminati 2002 – Into the Blue). Saskia’s work was also exhibited as part of the Manly Art Gallery Frameworks project in 2002, a community project that saw artists works framed on external walls of buildings around Manly. 

Saskia is interested in connecting with all different types of artists, and is available to do freelance graphic and web design.


Christine Dehn
Ceramic Artist (Melbourne, VIC)

Christine is a multi-talented artist with experience in various artistic fields including ceramics – handbuilding, casting and decorating techniques: glass – slumping, fusing, and leadlighting; textile and fabric print work; mixed media- illustrations, painting, and computer-aided digital imaging and design.

Christine’s style varies from contemporary to traditional works, working with clay/fabric or works on paper. She has worked professionally on research and development with the team at Ceramic Solutions, a company developing and manufacturing paint products for artists and potters. Her position also involved educational programs, workshops, seminars, promotional material, ‘how to do’ manuals and cd programs for students, ceramists, potters and artists.

Beautiful Ceramic Art

Christine currently works as a freelance artist and designer, developing a variety of funky homeware designs and ceramic artworks for galleries, speciality shops and private commissioned works.

She enjoys writing regular articles for arts / crafts / lifestyle magazines, with a focus on new art projects and design ideas. Christine is interested in connecting with other artists working on public art projects and community arts projects.