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Saskia Mulder
(Northern Beaches, Sydney)

Saskia is a multimedia artist with interests in photography, graphic & web design, digital art and installations. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at University of NSW in 1993, majoring in Australian/Aboriginal studies and modern European history, and has also completed certificate courses in multimedia, Dreamweaver MX and information technology network administration. Saskia has also designed and produced a range of candle art titled ‘Wax Babes’ featuring old fashioned vogue-style pin-up girls on the candles.

Saskia grew up in West Africa and travels back there frequently, where she finds inspiration for her work that often reflects the great divide between underdeveloped countries and the western world. She also likes to incorporate politically motivated messages in her art and explore the contrast between industrial versus organic.

Saskia has been involved with Manly CollectiV, a group of Manly based artists dedicated to bringing the work of artists in a new way into the community. The CollectiV’s first major project was the transformation of the Manly Arts Gallery frontcourt in 2002 during the Manly Arts Festival (Illuminati 2002 – Into the Blue). Saskia’s work was also exhibited as part of the Manly Art Gallery Frameworks project in 2002, a community project that saw artists works framed on external walls of buildings around Manly. 

Saskia is interested in connecting with all different types of artists, and is available to do freelance graphic and web design.


Christine Dehn
Ceramic Artist (Melbourne, VIC)

Christine is a multi-talented artist with experience in various artistic fields including ceramics – handbuilding, casting and decorating techniques: glass – slumping, fusing, and leadlighting; textile and fabric print work; mixed media- illustrations, painting, and computer-aided digital imaging and design.

Christine’s style varies from contemporary to traditional works, working with clay/fabric or works on paper. She has worked professionally on research and development with the team at Ceramic Solutions, a company developing and manufacturing paint products for artists and potters. Her position also involved educational programs, workshops, seminars, promotional material, ‘how to do’ manuals and cd programs for students, ceramists, potters and artists.

Beautiful Ceramic Art

Christine currently works as a freelance artist and designer, developing a variety of funky homeware designs and ceramic artworks for galleries, speciality shops and private commissioned works.

She enjoys writing regular articles for arts / crafts / lifestyle magazines, with a focus on new art projects and design ideas. Christine is interested in connecting with other artists working on public art projects and community arts projects.

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