Inamo Restaurant Bar London, high-tech interiors

As you probably noticed, we are a bit of geek freaks and love funky interior. To combine the best of two worlds, well four including food and drinks, I can personally not wait for our next London visit to check out the Oriental fusion Inamo Restaurant and Bar!

This is said to be a pioneering dining experience where the guests control the mood and order via interactive touchscreen dining tables. An overhead projector and a mouse track pad is said to turn your dining surface into a monitor where you can customise your own virtual tablecloth. Play video games with your companion while waiting for your order and even book a taxi home after a few glasses too many.

When you browse the interactive Inamo restaurant menu, each dish is projected on your place setting and you can even watch the chefs at work in the kitchen via a live webcam feed. Hopefully no need to get annoyed if you don’t get the waiter’s attention when you are dying for your next drink or dessert as the concept evolved from the simple idea of “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just hit a button and a waiter brought you another beer?” Kampai! [that’s Japanese for cheers]

Photo gallery of Inamo Resturant and Bar in London

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