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Yen Huynh | Creator of &
Location: Australia & Sweden
Style: Simplistic chic by day. A touch of lure by night. Fun and relaxed on weekends.
Favourite mecho feature: Creative Spaces – I think it is important to surround yourself in inspiring environments whether it is your home, your office, a restaurant, a venue, a hotel, a corner cafe, an interactive space or a virtual space online… It is also important to be surrounded by inspiring people! In addition to our regular editorial content each month, you find special featured contributions from the following passionate souls in fields close to their hearts. We always have room for more love, find out how to Join our Contributors Network.


Kelly Love | Designer & Stylist
Location: United Kingdom & Australia
Style: Quirky and feminine with a little bit of an edge
Favourite mecho feature: The collection from Lorick New York, I would wear every piece

Andrew Green | Presenter & DJ
Location: Australia & USA
Style: Clean lines, new, simple, solid form – I like Nordic designs.
Favourite mecho feature: The Casio Databank Retro Calculator Watch because a friend and I are looking to set up a watch company and these guys are good inspiration.

sar ruddenklau mecho contributor network

Sar Ruddenklau | Stylist & Textile Designer
Location: Australia
Style: Classic, clean and simple. I’m usually the one in jeans, a vintage shirt and flats holding the model’s glamorous dress out of the mud.
Favourite mecho feature: Burberry A/W 2012 shoppable videos. An amazing fusion of great filmmaking, intelligent marketing and of course, beautiful clothing.

lester jones mecho contributor network

Lester Jones | Photographer, Writer & TV Producer
Location: Australia & International
A clean, simple, and preppy take on urban chic.
Favourite mecho feature: Sneakerpedia – finally I won’t sound like the only crazy person interested in the style statement that sneakers make around the world.


eve gunson mecho contributor network

Eve Gunson | Hair & Makeup Artist
Location: Australia
Style: Simple, clean and easy with a bit of colour… I’m always covered in makeup so jeans and a t shirt is my go to look.
Favourite mecho feature: Kevin.Murphy Hair Care – sulphate, paraben and cruelty free… with perfectly pastel packaging and they smell amazing!


chantal leptos mecho contributor network

Chantal Leptos | Presenter, Actress & Writer
Location: Australia
Style: Classically elegant with the addition of sparkle
Favourite mecho feature: Ivana & Katerina Swimwear, Love Parade Summer 2011. Swimwear is to be seen in, not just swim in.


valentina zarew mecho contributor network

Valentina Zarew | Collaborator
Location: Global Wanderer
Style: I don’t really have a signature style, it’s ever-changing depending on how I feel
Favourite mecho feature: Whole Foods Market Brooklyn x Gotham Greens rooftop greenhouse project.


josephine ki mecho contributor network

Josephine Ki | Photographer
Location: Australia & Hong Kong
Style: Smart, edgy, professional on a shoot and DIY urban chic by night.
Favourite mecho feature: Earth Hour 2011 x Miranda Kerr. Brilliant campaign and execution for a worthy cause. I’ve always found the concept, creativity, chaos and kerfuffle behind-the-scenes far more enchanting and intriguing than the end product. The story hit the spot.