DQCo Passport Wallet with Australian Icons

As one of our team members is becoming a dual citizen, we thought it would be appropriate to introduce a couple of quirky passport travel wallets that are designed to make a statement while still protecting your passport(s)! The passport holder is made from hard-wearing micro fibre material, comes in fun colours and iconic graphics from the map of Australia to nature inspired features of the beloved koala, bouncy kangaroo and the national Waratah flower. Dimensions: 9.5cmx13.5cm.

Not only great accessories for all Aussie citizens when they travel the world, the AUS Identity Passports also make nice souvenirs to tourists from Down Under. Ironically, these designs come from a New Zealand based company and they have a range of other designs to choose from to for those that wish to travel incognito.

DQCo tend to make an effort in sprinkle some joy with their practical range of accessories or how about the DQCo wine bags? We especially like the options for single or double bottles to 6-pack beer which are great for the picnic or any other outdoor event. Cheers for that!

Photo gallery of some other DQCo accessories

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