Watch out for cars when wearing headphones

These images are from an old NSW street campaign from 2008 to watch out for cars when crossing the street and wearing headphones. We thought the visuals are quite effective and the government should probably re-run these in every corner as the message might not been loud enough last time around.

A recent US study shows that the number of people suffering serious injury while wearing headphones for gadgets such as iPods has tripled in 6 years with a dramatic rise in injuries to people wearing headphones while walking in the street, particularly among men and young adults.

I personally recall sitting on a city bus once that came to a long standstill and then went on a long detour to everyone’s frustration. We felt guilty for complaining about running late when finding out later that a young woman on her evening jog had sprinted out on the road despite people yelling her to stop and ended up in a fatal accident. She was wearing headphones. Enough said. Be safe and listen up everyone, better later than never.

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