Mango Spring Summer 2009

Hola from beautiful Barcelona on the east coast of Spain! Fashion in Spain is very different to Australia… like REALLY different but very refreshing. The Spanish ladies love their lightweight, flowing dresses packed with organic colours (have not seen one mini-skirt in 2 weeks thank God) and then accessorised with endless jewellery plus a pair of killer heels almost cracking the floor beneath them.

As for the gents, slim, lightweight metallic-coloured suits seem to be in for their office wear. To compliment the suits, a slim-fitted shirt and slim tie never fail to please. As for night attire, embroidered tops with a fitted pair of jeans and a good pair of Spanish or Portuguese leather shoes. A simple clean and elegant look gets the lady tourists frothing at the mouth.

The brand I want to focus on in this dribble, is Barcelona’s own Mango a.k.a MNG. Many of the ladies would be familiar with the main Australian store in the Galleries Victoria in Sydney. You will be able to find what I am seeing in Spain now, in MNG Summer 09/10 in Sydney which I find down right impressive. Unfortunately, for us guys, we will have to wait for the HE (Homini Emerito) collection to hit Australia if at all… I heard a rumour but not sure how reliable that source is but fingers crossed. Feel free to enquire Mango directly about the menswear, perhaps it will speed things up! In the meantime, for an alternate for the menswear, Calibre and Satch have some similar pieces coming through.

In Spain, it seems as if it is a religion to shop at MNG. As I sit sipping on a cold smoothie analysing the MNG shop front I ask myself – what recession? If it is affecting Barcelona I have yet to see it. People in Spain really go that extra mile to make themselves look the very best and they do this admittedly to which I say; Bravo! A lot of people I met on my journey have said they save up to buy simply the best. Why? Because it makes them feel better. This does reflect through the Spanish way of life via hospitality, friendliness and generosity, a very happy bunch of people. Adios from Spain!

Photo gallery Mango Spring Summer 2009 featuring Penelope Cruz

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Featured Contributor: Aaron O’Brien

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