Lux Mundi behind the scenes video by Gary Pepper Vintage

I took a sneak peek at this wonderful little film during a tiring day and it woke me up more than any double shot soy latte ever could. Instantly refreshing and uplifting, this 1.48 minute clip is titled Lux Mundi which is Latin for ‘Light of the World’, a perfectly apt title for this beautiful behind the scenes glimpse into the world of Gary Pepper Vintage.

Watching this, it is easy to assume it the work of seasoned professionals; a model who has done the editorial hard-yards, a stylist with years of experience and a team of sought-after photographers and film editors. In fact, this stunning mini film is the work of a small pool of very young talent whose efforts are so impressive that I am left excited about the future endeavours of each person involved. Nicole Warne is not only the brains behind Gary Pepper Vintage but also the model. With no previous experience, Nicole’s natural, elegant style and ability to transcend the camera’s lens is beyond impressive. Pretty girls come and go, but to model this well with so little experience is something far more extraordinary; watch any first episode of Australia’s Next Top Model and you’ll see what I mean.

This young beauty also plays stylist in the film, working her seriously impressive vintage finds into modern day masterpieces. She lets the clothes speak for themselves with minimal fuss yet never allows a dress wear her, creating the simple, harmonic style that characterises all her work. As is the case with anything truly great, this young beauty was not without help. Her boyfriend, Luke Shadbolt, doubles as her photographer and proves his talent time and time again in the Gary Pepper shoots and videos. The warmly romantic feel of Lux Mundi can be partly attributed to the love that exists between them and Nicole has modestly credited some of her instinctive modelling skills to the fact that she feels so comfortable around Luke.

Chad Waldron is the man behind the filming and editing. The gentle composition and deliciously warm lighting transform this from just another ‘behind-the-scenes’ video into a daydream come to life. He has interspersed imagery of the wonderful greenery and flowers surrounding Nicole (the video was shot in the Hunter Valley gardens) in a seamless fashion that shows off his skill without actually being showy. Finally, the wonderful soundtrack from Western Australian group San Cisco provides such a flawless backdrop for the whimsical film that one can’t help but believe fate played a part in this union.

Take a moment out of your day to watch this piece; it will wake you up, remind you to breathe and will inspire you to get out and enjoy the remainder of our iconic Australian summer.

Lux Mundi by Gary Pepper Vintage

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Featured Contributor: Chloe Schneider

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1 comment

1 Comment

  • 1. Lee Oliveira  |  January 18th, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Gorgeous dress Chloe.
    Love the scenario and the model was stunning.
    Dying to see now the catalogue.. :-D
    lee x

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