Omar Seluj sunglasses in limited edition

On our US trip, we will be staying at designer hotels in West Hollywood, San Francisco and New York City plus hit some hotspots and shopping strips. To stay looking cool and protect our eyes from everything that may dazzle us, we are bringing a piece of new originality from Sydney – the debut pairs of Omar Seluj sunglasses. We will be wearing these where appropriate or maybe even when inappropriate…

Omar Seluj [Oh-ma Sir-luge] is created by two Sydney guys – Tim Ramsden (aka Ramo) and Jules Batstone – with original designs in limited numbers for the sunglasses aficionado. We asked the guys where the name of the label come from and they have played around with the idea of saying it was a guy they met in the Andes or a constellation of stars in deep space but truthfully it’s just Ramo and Jules backwards… haha we reckon it is still pretty provocative!

The debut glasses are available in two styles and three colour ways of each with only 100 pairs of each colour. Our favs are the blue and brown pair from each style. They are however already down to their last pairs of the black square ones and seem to be fast gaining a devoted following. The exclusive limited range of sunglasses are in hand crafted acetate with spring hinges and UV 400 lenses.

Well, we suggest you get your hands on these bad boys for Summer to avoid rocking up to the beach, a festival or walking down the street seeing 30 million other kids in the same sunnies. Oh yeah, you also get a beach towel. Happy days!

Photos Omar Seluj debut sunglasses in limited edition

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