Fjällräven classic, the backpack is back

Trend reports from Europe put the backpack on track this season with fashion icons such as Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel having models strutting the catwalk with this trendy accessory. We got your back with various inspiration with images from the streets and fashion catwalks!

One of our all-time fav is the classic Swedish Fjällräven backpack which perhaps never gone out of style in Scandinavia. The label which was invented by a 14-year-old boy back in the 1950′s have in the past five decades reached some sort of cult status in the homeland but also a symbol of quality and functionality to keep your back straight. The name Fjällräven means Arctic Fox in Swedish and is honoring the small predator which lives in the Swedish mountains in the harshest of climates.

If you are after something more glamourous or chic, check out the following style inspiration:

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